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65 Middle Park Drive, Point Cook, VIC 3030
+61 404 242 660

About us


Mark Boland


Mark has recently completed his CA and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Mark has spent several years in some very good accounting firms in Melbourne and comes to us with his unique sense of style and understanding of tax law. He speaks and writes Japanese too. Yup.


Mike Kalyaniwala


Having spent more than 15 years in the field of Tax Accounting and Advisory, Mike’s keen sense of looking through numbers and patience has seen him guide some of his clients through the toughest of tax issues. He’s multilingual and loves a good joke. He’s a creative accountant – in his spare time he likes to paint, play his music and make little origami birds.


This firm was born out of a need to demystify the world of numbers. Mike Kalyaniwala came to Australia in 2000 to complete a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Monash University. His chosen path was to enter into the world of Management and Finance when Fate stepped in and turned that dream on its head. In 2001, while getting his taxes done, he was offered a job by the same accountant in the field of taxation. With nothing to lose and a lot to gain, he took up the offer and steadily learnt the ropes in the field of Australian Taxation and business structures while simultaneously completing his M.B.A.

Five years later, having seen how a Tax Practice grows from one person to 5, he realised this was what he was destined to do.

Another five years later, now having completed his CPA Australia certification, Mike was ready to take the next step and set up Caliyan Associates in 2011.

The mission was clear. The firm would offer what Mike called Transparent Taxation guidance and Demysitified Accounting to folk who rate accounting and tax next to a trip to the dentist. The world of taxation and presenting figures is vast and ever-changing. And Mike has been on that side of it. Now, he intends to not only present the figures at the end of ever year, but help the clients understand what they mean going forward. By getting clients to “Look Through Numbers”, you get them to understand what they point towards – Transparent Accounting!

The firm is growing at a phenomenal rate – getting widespread recommendations from businesses and individuals alike and has recently increased their scope of service to Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

While we celebrate our history, it’s the future that excites us. Join us on our journey.

If you are looking to get some prior year tax returns, or just managing your books – we can do it all for you.

Caliyan Associates is one of the fastest growing and progressive Tax Practices in Melbourne’s West. Geography aside, we have clients all over Australia and thanks to the internet (no NBN luck here yet…) no distance is too large to traverse. In a few short years we have more than tripled our client base thanks to same fantastic word of mouth work from our lovely and happy clients. Our mission is simple. We aim to achieve your business and personal goals through demystifying tax.

Our Philosophy:

Then there is Compliance. Death and Taxes. That sort of stuff. We need that to be as little of a hindrance to anyone’s daily financial affairs.

Our philosophy is two-fold.

One, do the work. Get all the clients’ tax affairs in order. Keep ahead of the timeline. Repair what’s broken and fix it permanently. And all this can only be achieved by our second driving passion –

Education. We believe the more we teach you about what’s needed from you to complete the tax and accounting work – and why – the better the results shall be with all matters tax and accounts. The only thing we cannot cure is laziness. While we can bring you to the water, we can’t make you drink. We believe strongly in a relationship rather than a service agreement. A relationship grows and benefits both parties. That is what we want. Growing together. Making it happen. Having some fun along the way.

And we would be remiss if we did not mention our staff that helps us achieve our mission. Look after your employees and they will look after your business. That is what we aim to do as well. Our hand-picked staff completely buy into our philosophy and that is a success story in itself.